Kintamani Tour

This tour package offers you to visited tourism object in Bangli area, with combine shopping, spiritual, and culinary tours, make this your trip more enjoyable

Kintamani Tour
Kintamani Tour
Kintamani Tour

Interesting place to visit

Barong Dance 


Barong dance is one of the Hindu sacred dance. Dance that symbolizes the battle between The Goodness and evilness. The element of goodness symbolized by Barong. Then Rangda is symbolize of the criminal element. Dance duration is approximately 1 hour, which at the end of the show you will see the dance full of magical spirit.



Penglipuran Village


Located in District of Bangli, this village is one of the villages still retain the ancestral heritage or ancestry. The village has its own uniqueness, such as the pattern of the gate they call angkul – angkul look identical to each other, also with the physical appearance of the village is very beautiful and distinctive. The road leading to the village looks very beautiful, well maintained, clean and terraces – steps.




Tirta Empul 


Pura Tirta Empul located in District of Tampak Siring, one of the attractions visited in the program. Pancoran spiritual nuances of holy water, where many people doing melukat (self-cleaning). There is also the Tampak Siring Palace which was built during the reign of the Indonesian first president Ir. Sukarno.





Kintamani is a mountains area that is unique and wonderful. The combination between Mount Batur and its expanse of black rock with Lake Batur blue crescent shaped in a caldera by tourists regarded as the most beautiful caldera in the world.






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