Denpasar City Tour

Denpasar city tour is one of out tour with explore the beauty of Denpasar city. Has a considerable population make this city as central of trading, education, industry and tourism with combine shopping tours and spiritual tours like visit traditional market, temple and museum

Denpasar City Tour
Denpasar City Tour
Denpasar City Tour

Attractions visited

Museum Bali


Museum Bali is located in the center of Denpasar. Bali Museum is a museum as a repository for relics of the past human and ethnography. The museum collection consists of tools and equipment life, art and religion, language and other writings that reflect the life and development culture of Bali. Located right next to the Jagatnatha Temple area which is posing as a religious center of Denpasar and surrounding communities.


Traditional market


The meaning of market here is Badung market. Badung market is very crowded market in Denpasar City and also be a tourism object for domestic or international tourist. Badung market are sell various basic needs of the comunities. this market operated from morning until night (24 hours)



Bajra Sandhi Monument


Bajra Sandhi Monument is the struggle monument people of Bali for give respect to hero and as the symbol of soul conversation people of Bali from generation to new generation and spirit to keep of unity NKRI.





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Mineral water



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