Bali island has a variety of arts and culture that an amazing with taste of Bali make the tourist interest to see.

Legong Dance 


Legong dance is classical balinese dance that has words “Legong” where “Leg” has meaning dance movements that are flexible and supple and “gong” has meaning Gamelan. Therefore Legong has meaning dance movements which is bound (especially accentuation) from gamelan. Gamelan that use accompany for this dance is Gamelan Semar Pegulingan. This dance often to show for entertainment and religious ceremony in Bali.


Barong Dance

dscn1181Barong Dance is one of the traditional dances of Bali that use the mask and costume. This dance as a manifestation of goodness trusted by the people of Bali. Barong Dance is called sacred art and has a mystical meaning, it has artistic value, Barong Dance also has spiritual meanings.
This dance often to show for entertainment and religious ceremony in Bali



Kecak Dance 


In 1930 the Kecak dance is first created based on the traditions of Trance and parts – the Ramayana story. This dance performed by dozens or more male dancers who sit lined up in a circle and with a certain rhythm called “”CAK”, raising both hands. Kecak dance comes from ritual Sanghyang, the dancers will be in unconscious condition. Doing communication with God or ancestors, and then they will expressed the Hope of the God


Pendet Dance 

Tari pendet

Pendet Dance at first is dances for worship that show in temple, the praying places for hindu in Bali. This dance symbolize worship over the descent of the gods into the natural world. This dance to displayed of woman with 3-4 person. This dance often use as welcoming dance on variety event like seminar, graduation, conference and another event.