Beside has a beauty nature and culture, Bali Island also has a lot of culinary with variety taste that interest and delicious

Ayam Betutu 

Ayam betutu

This food made from chicken with balinese flavour that the process to make with baked or boiled until cooked. Usually this food presented with fried peanut and sambal bawang matah.





Nasi Campur Bali

Nasi Campur

Generally in Bali, Nasi Campur has 2 kind is Chicken and Pork Nasi Campur. Usually balinese nasi campur presented with jukut urap, sate lilit, lawar, ayam suwir, sambal bawah matah and another. With the balinese flavour this food often being culinary tourism in Bali



Sate Lilit 

Sate Babi

This food is variant of satay in Bali. Made from pork, fish and chicken that finely chopped then mixed with grated coconut or lime and wrapped on skewers. After that grilled until cooked. Usually seasoning that use for make this food is “ Base Genep” seasoning. That is balinese seasoning



Jukut Urap

jukut urap

This is balinese food made from various types of vegetable like long beans, touge, grated coconut, kale and lime leaves, where the process of making these foods all of the vegetable should be boiled first and then mixed all vegetable




Klepon Bali

klepon bali

This food made from glutinous rice flour mixed, starch, coconut, palm sugar that has been diluted and slices of pandan leaves. Inside this snack has palm sugar already diluted and when you eat this will get the sweet taste, usually presented with grated coconut on top it.



Laklak Bali

laklak baliSame with Klepon, but a little diferent from this snack is where grated coconut and diluted palm sugar is presented on top of this snack. With has a soft texture and delicious taste that makes this snack a popular